BEAST Video Game: (2024)

The search results for “BEAST Video Game” provide information about two different games: “BEAST: False Prophet” and “Gang Beasts.” Here are the details about each game:

BEAST Video Game

  1. BEAST: False Prophet on SteamĀ [1]:

  1. “BEAST: False Prophet” is a turn-based tactical RPG available on the Steam platform.
  2. The game is currently in Early Access, allowing players to join the development journey and provide feedback to help shape the final version.
  3. The Early Access version is in an Alpha state, meaning it is still in early development with planned implementations, fixes, updates, balancing, and optimization.
  4. The game features over 30 playable missions, 2 main characters, 10 enemy classes, 20 enemy types, and 55 weapon types.
  5. The full version of the game will include side missions, additional story missions, more customization options, enemies, and other features.
  6. During Early Access, the game is priced lower than the final version, and there may be a potential “Loyal Edition” for Early Access players, including additional content as a thank you for their support.
  7. The development team actively engages with the community through Steam forums and an official Discord channel.

BEAST Video Game

  1. Gang Beasts on SteamĀ [2]:
    • “Gang Beasts” is a multiplayer party game with gelatinous characters and slapstick fight sequences.
    • The game offers both local and online multiplayer modes, allowing players to customize their characters and engage in melee fights or gang battles.
    • Developed by Boneloaf, a small independent game studio known for creating experimental multiplayer party games.
    • The game has received positive reviews for its humor and entertaining gameplay.

BEAST Video Game

Monster is a dim dream strategic RPG created by Misleading Prophet. The game is set in a dim, plague-ridden middle age world where players assume control over a warband and battle for endurance in a progression of ruthless, gridless strategic fights. The game highlights RPG components that permit players to foster their characters’ abilities and capacities, and the decisions will have results that can affect the story.

Monster is right now in Early Access on Steam, and is supposed to be completely delivered at some point in 2024.

Monster Computer game: BEAST Video Game

Here are a portion of the critical highlights of Monster:

Severe, gridless strategic battle: In Monster, players will assume control over a warband of characters in extreme, turn-based fights. The game’s battle framework is gridless, which takes into consideration more unique and liquid fights than customary turn-based games.

RPG components: Players will actually want to foster their characters’ abilities and capacities as they progress through the game. Players decisions will likewise have outcomes that can affect the story.
Dull and harsh air: Monster is set in a dim and severe world that is loaded up with plague, sin, and viciousness.

Moral decisions:
The decisions in Monster will essentially affect the story. Players will be compelled to settle on hard decisions that could mean the distinction among life and passing for their characters.

Monster is a promising new strategic RPG that makes certain to engage enthusiasts of the class. Assuming you are searching for a difficult and remunerating game that will make you want more and more, then Monster is certainly worth looking at. BEAST Video Game,

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